Thursday, December 9, 2010

Decisions, Decisions :)

Well, there are some Christmas traditions I just flat out love.
Decorating the tree together, baking homemade cookies while listening to my favorite songs from years ago, (AKA-Thisselhair the Christmas Bear by Alabama tops the list :) and sending and receiving Christmas cards! I seriously LOVE openign my mailbox and seeing all the sweet holiday wishes from friends and family far and near. Makes me smile! If you one to do your cards a little later than others (Yep, I'm a late card sender :) then you really should look into getting your cards from Shutterfly.
I actuially had no idea about the plethora of designs they offered, but when my good friend of a billion years, Allie, sent my card from her and her hubby, I thought it was adorable! It was heavy in weight, glossy, and super duper nice! I myself LOVE Christmas photo cards, so of course I was going to love it!
Here are 2 of my FAV designs. Haven't decided which photo card I am going to get yet, but I will be choosing one of these 2!!!
I LOVE the ability to share multiple pictures on my cards! We do so much all year, and this is my chance to fill our family adn friends on on the festivities!!!! PLUS- did you see the pink in it?!?! LOL- gotta get my fix somewhere!!!
The other option is
I just LOVE the caption. I feel like I have SO much to be grateful for and I feel SO blessed, so this seems fitting!!!
So, if you haven't finished or ordered your Christmas cards, head over and check out Shutterfly! I am glad I did! AND if you hurry- you can get in on a great promo to get 50 FREE cards!!! (I did!!!) But you have to hurry b/c registration closes tomorrow!!! Tell them 62Cards sent you :)

Off to choose :)

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lundgren79 said...

yep, I am a late card sender this year! Have a Merry Christmas.

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