Thursday, December 2, 2010

Back.....from outerspace....... LOL

I am HERE!!!!!!! LOL. Just a crazy Holiday followed by a crazy migraine.
Thank you to those who sent me a message to check on me (:) TT!)
Well, life has been a bit nutty, I ha da fundraising show last night for Hosparus of Louisville. S napped this pic with my phone (having probs with the camera!!! UGH!)
My little elf just coloring away :)

AND a big show this weekend here in Louisville. The Ballard 23rd annual Holiday Halls! Over 170 booths!!! Crazy!
Here are some fun things making their way to the show :)
Cute fabric tags :)

Now, I have to get back at it!!! More to come!!!!! Afterall, I am baaaaaccckkkk :) LOL

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