Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thank you- now back to the crafts!

Thank you all for your sweet words yesterday! I really appreciate it! Such a hard time of year for the fam as we relive it through thoughts of the time and places we were at 5 years ago. My thought as I awoke this morning is that 5 years ago today when we pulled up to the funeral home was the first time I had ever  seen my dad cry. (My parents lost twins at full term before I was born, and mom said she saw him cry then, but this was the only other time even she had.) My heart breaks for my parents. Ecspecially now that I have a child of my own. It brought on a whole different perspective when I became a mom.

On to the crafty goods you come here to see :)
I had a craft fair in my hometown on Saturday. The first I have done with my creations in years. And would you believe there was not one banner or cupcake topper in the booth?! My high school best friend who happens to be fabulous and I set up a booth and it was so good to see so many people from my hometown I hadn't seen in years.
So, what all did I have?
Try brooches, rolled fabric rosette headbands, pins, hairclips, cards, wreaths, jotter notebooks, a topiary (i'll show you when I download my pics!) and more! Pics to come!
ANd a pic before I leave. From a recent custom order, a monogrammed card set!

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