Saturday, September 11, 2010

Simply Handmade!

I got a nice big box in the mail the other day from Simply Handmade (Same publishers as Cards, Bead Trends, Scrapbook Treds, etc :). It was the return of one of the submissions they had accepted from me. The box included 2 copies of the magazine, some chipboard goodies, letters, and stickers :) And guess what is on page 60 and 61???? My little felt birdie :) Makes me so happy! Needless to say framing plans are circling in my head :)
I will take a pic and post soon :)


The Archiving Angel said...

Congrats ! It is well deserved.
I have enjoyed catching up with all your creations.
Keep them coming. Hope you are well along with your husband & son.
Take care,

craft-princess said...


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