Thursday, June 16, 2011

News and a Jungle Birthday!

Happy Thursday!
Well, a lot has gone on around here!
Hubby fell and tore his ACL and meniscus again and it looks like he needs a full knee replacement. His response was to this effect, "Not until my leg is about to fall off." I don't blame him. We've had 9 surgeries in 4 years and he is only 29. He has had ACL and LCL surgery in both knees before (about 10 years ago) and doesn't want any part of knee surgery. I am only scared that his knee will opo out again and he will be coming down the stairs rather than on the carpet in the basement like this time . Doctor again next week to discuss his options. (and yes, for my regular followers- it's always somethign around here!!! We are very blessed though, so I don't let things get me down! HE has a plan and HE knows best!)
Now, on to some crafty pics!!!!
I was contacted by a sorority sister to make some fab decor for her son's birthday! Now granted we were at EKU at different times and have never met in person, but I feel as if I know her and I was excited to work with her!!!
Here are some pics from Jackson's 1st birthday!!!

Thanks Misty for sharing!!!!


JLP said...

hang in there! thinking of you guys right now and hoping for speedy recovery and good news from your doc.

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