Thursday, June 17, 2010

Update :)

Hey everyone. Well, I will be MIA over the next little bit. Another ER visit Tuesday (We had to go Friday too) (He had a six shot spinal cath done Thursday that really aggravated the area and Dust said he was in more pain than when he had to have a discogram nicknamed "Scream-O-Gram" done last summer)  night with my hubby and the surgeons decided to do back surgery this MONDAY. Yeah. Again. For the 3rd time.    For those who want to read the background on all this here is the post from before surgery in November and before the surgery in August and here is the drama we have been dealing with b/c of this procedure, and here is the post about hubby's Marfan's which is the reason all these things happen.  I don't expect you to read or want to read all this, but for those who have emailed me asking for more you go :)
This time they are removing some hardware, putting in hooks and such and extending the fusion on up into the thoraic region. The verdict on the 2nd surgery is a non union- aka fusion didn't take, failure.
Just keep us in your prayers that all will be well. I am SO happy that this time, we will be at a hospital that has WIFI :) (Seriously 6 days of hospital time without the internet was about to make me crazy. You can only do so much from an iphone screen :)
Today is a new day adn there is HOPE this surgery will help. I have so much FAITH in the 2 surgeons performing the surgery. (They happen to be friends with Dustin's uncle who is a ortho surgeon as well, so we stay in the loop :)  and LOVE and the Blessings of God will make it all okay! Also pray Matthew is good and not too homesicj for me while I am away. THANK THE LORD for my parents and sister. THey are a God send, ecspecially when the going gets tough!
Life is so precious! Off to spend quality time with my family!
Eye candy though:)



Best wishes to you !

Sheri (a.k.a PaperCrafty) said...

You all are in my thoughts & prayers!!

Madeleine Bouquet said...

I hope everything goes well! I'll be thinking of you!


Aussie Loz said...

Fingers crosses, best of luck ♥

Kate said...

As I am a new follower, I had no idea that you were going through all that you are. Thanks for the links with the background information. I will certainly pray for your husband on Monday - and for you and your son. You sound as though you've got a strong faith, but you will need the support and prayers of others.
Your information concerning your fears of Matthew being diagnosed tore at my heart. I have a son on the autism spectrum. It is so hard not to blame myself or to feel an incredible sense of guilt. I remind myself that Peter is fearfully and wonderfully made. He is JUST as he was created to be. So is your Matthew. Don't let yourself feel worry or guilt. It takes away from time better spent loving and enjoying.
Blessings to you and your family. xox

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I am soooooooooooooo sorry my dearest!!! You both are in my prayers and thoughts!! {{{hugs}}} :):):):):):):):):):)

BusyB said...

pray for you and your family! Sounds horrible and painful!!!!! hope and wish the best!

craft_princess said...

I hope all goes well with this surgery! Sending good vibes your way!!

laterg8r said...

i hope the surgery goes awesome :D

super cutie banner :D

lundgren79 said...

Just now reading the post! Sorry! Hang in there and know that I am thinking of you and praying for you!

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