Monday, February 9, 2009

Passing Time...

Those of us with kids are always looking for neat games to use to pass the time. Quiet as a Mouse doesn't seem to work well :) Check out these great ideas! Whar games work for you???? Comment and let me know!
And yes my little is listening to my ipod :) I was trying to pass the time unril dinner arrived on our last cruise :)


Erin Santise said...

I think ours are still a little young for quiet as a mouse...

I know Katie or Michael doesn't get it.


ms.cheryl said...

A handsome dude for sure.
I would get my kids involved in trying to count how many _______ they could find. You fill in the blank according to thier age.My favorite was when my kids were older teenagers and i had them seeing who could find the most squirrel nests as we were driving thru the country. It works at all ages. ms.cheryl

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